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ProMediate is involved in:

The Civil Mediation Council Limited - the voice of mediation in the UK - as a Board Member.

Setting up the Mediation Pilot in conjunction with the Manchester Civil Justice Centre.

Weekly newsletter "Mediation Future" with latest developments.

We are proud to be at the heart of mediation developments in the UK.

Mediation is our speciality.

We love to mediate and help to resolve complex disputes


We can arrange mediations throughout the UK

We can also arrange mediations on the telephone or online.

A time limited or half day mediation still counts as a mediation

Not every case requires a full day.

You don't even need to leave the office!

Following Briggs LJ's review of the Civil Court system and Court rulings, most lawyers are aware of the benefits of mediation.

Professional Negligence Mediation

The Professional Negligence Pre-Action Protocol and the Pre-Action

Protocol Practice Direction require the parties to engage in ADR.

Professional Negligence claims are particularly well suited to mediation

- reputation management - confidential

- High costs can be incurred on expert fees

- Causation and quantum can be crunch points

- Claims can be emotionally highly charged

Registered with Civil Mediation Council - Quality Assured

Manchester Mediation Pilot

From 1 September 2017

To help those involved in litigation to try to settle their differences without the need to go to court, the Manchester Law Society, the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, local registered Civil Mediation Council mediators and ProMediate (UK) CMC registered Mediation Service Provider, have come together to offer a new, low cost mediation scheme.

Mediation sessions will be held at the Civil Justice Centre, if available, or at the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce Elliot House 151 Deansgate or at local lawyers’ offices.How it will work?

If you think mediation might help those involved in your case to reach a settlement you can ring this number to make the arrangements:

0161 410 4108

or email enquiries@promediate.co.uk

You will be put in touch with a locally based mediator who will, if your case is suitable for mediation, arrange a convenient time and place to meet you and others involved in your case. You should agree with the others involved in your case that they also want to try mediation before you call.The mediator is an independent person who is trained to help you and those involved in the dispute to find common ground, reach solutions and save legal costs.

The scheme will be available to parties involved in disputes where the total value is more than £10,000 or the case has been allocated to the Fast Track or the Multi Track. It will also be available for those cases where one party seeks something other than money, for example an injunction.




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