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Fixed price mediation provides the services of a ProMediate Chambers Panel Mediator for a fixed price that covers all pre-mediation preparation and mediation time on the day itself up to a maximum of 7.5 hours.

Fixed Price Mediation Service - What does it offer?

Fixed price mediation provides the services of a ProMediate Panel Mediator for a fixed price that covers all pre-mediation preparation and mediation time on the day itself up to a maximum of 7 hours (plus grace period of half an hour).

ProMediate will select the mediator on the parties' behalf or a shortlist of mediators can be provided from which the parties can choose

Who are the mediators?

ProMediate Civil Mediation Council Registered mediators have been selected to be on the Panel based on their performance and our clients' expertise requirements.


The cost is calculated using the scale detailed below.

Claim values are calculated by the quantum of the higher of the claim or the counterclaim.


Claim value                                      £75,000        £125,000      £250,000

7 hours Fee plus VAT                      £500             £1000            £1250

Telephone Mediation

*Extra hourly charge applicable after 7.5 hours of mediation time only £100

What is covered under the fee?

All reasonable preparation and up to 7.5 hours mediation time

Full administrative support provided by ProMediate Chambers

Mediators' travel expenses to attend a venue within 60 minutes of home/work

What is not covered?

Venue hire costs if any (minimum of two rooms required)

We can assist with finding venue


Mediators tend to arrive to prepare and set up the mediation no less than 30 minutes before the mediation begins.

How long does it take to arrange the mediation?

ProMediate Chambers can arrange the mediation within 48 hours.

Ineligible Cases

Disputes between more than two parties

Disputes with either a claim or counterclaim in excess of £250,000.

For all of these types of dispute we offer a bespoke service. Please contact ProMediate’s office for details on 0203 621 3908 or email us at enquiries@promediate.co.uk

  Fixed Price Mediation Fees

Registered with Civil Mediation Council - Quality Assured

Manchester Mediation Pilot

From 1 September 2017

To help those involved in litigation to try to settle their differences without the need to go to court, the Manchester Law Society, the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, local registered Civil Mediation Council mediators and ProMediate (UK) CMC registered Mediation Service Provider, have come together to offer a new, low cost mediation scheme.

Mediation sessions will be held at the Civil Justice Centre, if available, or at the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce Elliot House 151 Deansgate or at local lawyers’ offices.How it will work?

If you think mediation might help those involved in your case to reach a settlement you can ring this number to make the arrangements:

0161 410 4108

or email enquiries@promediate.co.uk

You will be put in touch with a locally based mediator who will, if your case is suitable for mediation, arrange a convenient time and place to meet you and others involved in your case. You should agree with the others involved in your case that they also want to try mediation before you call.The mediator is an independent person who is trained to help you and those involved in the dispute to find common ground, reach solutions and save legal costs.

The scheme will be available to parties involved in disputes where the total value is more than £10,000 or the case has been allocated to the Fast Track or the Multi Track. It will also be available for those cases where one party seeks something other than money, for example an injunction.




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